Monday, 25 April 2011


This is the raffle prize I won in class a while ago, each week we all pay £1 and we then draw it at our class on thursday night. Our class is held at Crafts Unlimted on Parliment rd in Middlesbrough, teacher is the owner (karen) there are also day classes to, I also go on a mon night we usually do cross stitching but sometimes we do other things like knitting, lace making, stitched cards. I also go once a month (sat) for a play day, we do what we like, it is from 10 to 3 for only £5.00 no teacher.


  1. Congratulations Kay. What a lovely prize you've won. Cards you've posted over the last few weeks are beautiful. Say hi to all.

  2. Well done Kay, always great when you win something.