Monday, 15 November 2010

Paul's Birthday Card

Card I made for Pauls birthday my sisters boyfriend

Aunty Francis's birthday card

The easil card I made for her

Aunty Francis's 90th birthday party

Went to Aunty Francis's birthday party back in September. Went with my Sister and boyfriend, girls were working. Met lots of family members we haven't seen for ages, you only seem to see them at sad times so this was lovely. Francis is the only Aunty left now on dads side . Is'nt she looking good for 90 years young. At the party the youngest was just 3 weeks, and lots in between, Had a good time chatting to cousins and meeting their children who also have children.

Aunty Francis's 90th birthday Party

Aunty Francis with some of her grandchildren

Graphicus Weekend

Had a lovely time at Blackwell Grange in Darlington with lots of lovely ladies, some we met last year also some new faces, the graphicus team were brill and made the weekend. Went with 2 friends Debbie and Maureen. All we did all weekend was craft, eat, drink, sleep what more can a crafter want. Will add more photos when finished them.

Graphcus Weekend

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Wedding Card

I made this for Gwenda and Ossy Wedding.

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Weekend Away

Can't wait going to Graphicus Retreat on friday with two friends (debbie and maureen) for the weekend. This time we are staying at Blackwell Grange in Darlington.

Class Cards

Some cards we have made on a thursday night class over the last few weeks.

More Class Cards

Some of the cards we have made over the last few weeks.

Birthday Cards

Some cards I made for Paul's mum for her Birthday.

Sarah and Ricki's wedding

The day has arrived (26th June 2010) Sarah (daughter no3) and Ricki's wedding. The day started early, we set out the room with balloons, covered the chairs, set the tables, the cake, the cupcakes which sara made. The bride, bridesmaids and family went off to get hair/make-up done while we finished off. Set off to get ready. We had a lovely day weather was good, the church was the Avenue Methodist, then onto the Working mens club. All had a lovely day took lots of photos.
The top table
The room
The Boys
Bridesmaids and pageboys
Sarah and Ricki's brothers and sisters

Cutting the cake

My Daughters

Sarah and Ricki's wedding

The first dance

Gwenda and Ossy's wedding

Been to three weddings this year so far. The first one is was Craig and Cheryl on 13th March 2010 at the Sporting Lodge, but could only go to the night do, and don't have any photo's.

Second one is Gwenda and Ossy, (mum to cheryl, racheal, holly, becky) on 12th June 2010 at St John's then onto the Blue Bell. Photo's below.

Gwenda and Ossy's wedding

Sunday, 25 July 2010


Went to Fuerteventura in April 2010, Apartment large, food good, weather very sunny. Went with my sister Wendy, my daughter Dawn and her friend Kelly. Had a little acident with Dawn she cut her foot. The reps were brill, and went out of their way to help us, the shows they put on were fab. Went for walks a few times.

pic's of Fuerteventura


Went to Cyprus on a late deal october 2009 with my sister Wendy and two daughters Clare and Dawn. We had a good time, hotel was lovely, food was good, weather not so good, some days sun, others rain, went out a few times the bus sevice is very good.

pic's of Cyprus

Sarah's Hen Night

Went to Scarborough, stayed at the travel lodge, had a wander round scarborough, met up for dinner at Ask an Italian on the front, headed back to the hotel. All met in Shirley's room to give Sarah her pressies (lots of things begining with S ). Went to own room to get changed into fancy dress, had a good night out round the town. Next morning we had brekie in the restraunt, some went to Mcdonnalds. Set off for home.

Sarah's Hen Night