Sunday, 21 February 2010

Going for a meal today, as it is was Clares birthday on Friday, she's 25 can't believe it where has all the years gone. Not sure where we are going as Clare wants a suprise. Dawn's working today so we are picking her up then going.
We've had a lovely weekend, went shopping. Sun shining so we decided to go for a drive, to nice to do housework (still needs doing) Wendy and I went to pick up Paul her boyfriend, we decided to go to Pickering, Paul's mum came for the drive too. Set off sunshine, got to Hemsley saw snow on the hills, very pretty senery. Got to Pickering had a wander round. Asked if we were hungry, As Whitby not to far away decided to go to Mayfair cafe, the closer we got the more snow we saw, by the time we got there the snow was all over and quite thick. We all had fish'n'chips with tea. Can't go to Whitby not having fish n chips. Asked the waitress when the snow started, she said it started last night. Never been to Whitby in the snow but it was beautiful and there were still lots of people about, some eating fish n chips will be cold in seconds, some eating ice cream at least it won't drip. We had a lovely meal did'nt stay in Whitby toooooooo cold. Snow all the way back, clear just past Cross Keys, clear at home. No snow when I got up this morning.

Pic's of Whitby

Pic's of Christmas

Hi it seems ages since iv'e posted anything. Here is some christmas pic's