Saturday, 22 March 2014

Events 2011

Went to the South Lakes Animal Park in April 2011 - Seen lots of animals, spent a lovely day with family
On Holiday Caribbean Cruise in Dec 2011- took lots of pics all 640 of them
Nicola's wedding invites 2011-
Assorted cards I have made 2011-

Anniversary cards

Two cards I made for Elaine.

Wedding cards for Jane

Assorted wedding cards I made for family and friends. Jane and Michael's wedding was 3rd Sept 2011,

Some more cards from 2011

Some more cards I have made in 2011.

More cards 2011

More cards from 2011.

Cards I have made in 2011

An assortment of cards I have made in 2011.

Nicola's Evening Invites

Nicola's Evening Invites were the same as the day ones, only with a different insert.