Friday, 29 April 2011

Nicola's Wedding Invites part two

Iv'e just finished stage two. I made the Save the Date from the computer and cut out with nesties.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Clare's Birthday Card

I made this card for my daughter Clare. Her birthday was a while ago. The dress was a free downloaded from Do-crafts.

Nicola's Wedding Invites

Stage one of Nicola's invites. These's are the start of Save the Dates. Made in Ivory Linen(4x4ins) with deep purple strips of card as I couldn't find the right shade of purple ribbon

Monday, 25 April 2011


This is the raffle prize I won in class a while ago, each week we all pay £1 and we then draw it at our class on thursday night. Our class is held at Crafts Unlimted on Parliment rd in Middlesbrough, teacher is the owner (karen) there are also day classes to, I also go on a mon night we usually do cross stitching but sometimes we do other things like knitting, lace making, stitched cards. I also go once a month (sat) for a play day, we do what we like, it is from 10 to 3 for only £5.00 no teacher.

Single Easel Card

This card was made in class, cut a piece of a4 card to 21cm and fold in half to make a dl card, find the centre 101/2cm and cut one square off, score the other, make a 101/2 cm square and add topper, add matching papers and sentiment. The papers and image are from a mag,( oh my god I have used something from my mag) not really I bought another one, one to keep and one to use (lol) everyone who knows me knows I don't like using them,

Double Easel Card

This card was made in class, a piece of a4 card was cut to 21cm, folded in half to make a dl sized card, find the centre 101/2cm cut to centre, score from top to centre and fold, make two 101/2cm squares add toppers, make a matching bottom add topper,

Thursday Night Card Class

This card was made in class, we folded a a4 card in half, found the centre made a mark, cut to bottom thus having a triangle shape, fold in half making sure it is in the centre, make a single triangle the same size, matt and layer cutting it 1cm smaller each time, add topper, feather and gems, layer the bottom the same and add sentiment.

Thursday night card class

I made this card at home as homework, love the shape, easel with a difference, used nancy watt ladies.

Thursday night card class

This card was made in class, We folded a a4 piece of card in half, layered with a co-ordinating colour,we then made a 20cm square layered near the top, made 2 squares 8cm and glued them into a star shape,then make 8 squares in two matching colours 3.5cm and using photo glue attach leaving a small gap all round, add topper, gems, sentiment.

Thursday night card class

These two were made as homework, both have a christmas theme, one is a square, the other is an easel, (my fav at the moment).

Thursday night card class

This card was made using 8 small square's in 2 co-ordinating colours, I have used black and white, also added matching ribbon, and sentiment, To finish Iadded pink gems to give a little colour.